Name: Ann James
Position: Bus Driver

Building: Transportation
Work Phone: 740-596-4029

Driving bus is an experince everyone should try it!!!

Name: jardine

Work Phone:

Name: Jacqulyn Jardine
Position: Science

Building: High School
Work Phone: 596-5258 x290

Name: Sonja Jasovsky
Position: Special Needs

Building: Middle School
Work Phone: 596-5243

Name: Pat Jewett
Position: Secretary

Building: South
Work Phone: 384-2731

Name: Tom Jividen
Position: Custodian

Building: Central
Work Phone: 596-4386

Name: Aimee Jones
Position: Special Needs

Building: High School
Work Phone: 596-5258


I graduated from the University of Rio Grande in 2000 with my Bachelor's degree in Special Education(K-12). I am currently the Special Education Department Chair and have taught Special Education at the high school for the last ten years. I am very proud to work at a high school that has been rated an "Effective School" for the last three school years.